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I was born on a small island in the Tropics where life was very simple and there was innocence in the way of life.

I went to a Catholic school that taught us to listen to our inner voice which they said was our Conscious. So I did and my inner voice spoke back answering my questions and told me about events including births and deaths yet to happen as well as things about the teachers and students.

I remember being about 7 years old travelling home from yet another heavenly trip to the beach telling my dad that his uncle in India had died and not to be sad because he was okay now. Not surprisingly I become known in the family as someone who told stories which was very confusing for me because the event would often turn out to be true. But then as I got older, family and others would ask me to ‘tell them about things’ which I later learnt were readings.

I found it very hard living in the Tropics because there was always danger from so many creatures that were poisonous including snakes that often found their way into our house and the commotion that followed to find and then kill the dangerous creature was traumatic for a young sensitive boy. So I was always trying to help people not to be scared or sad. I still use this energy to tune in and get a message.

One of my earliest memories is playing alone on the veranda throwing a ball at this wonderful very old kind man who was always happy and smiled a lot. He would catch it in mid air no matter how I threw it and he would throw it back at me. He never spoke but somehow I always knew if someone wanted me or to stop playing because someone was approaching. Mum was the only person he didn’t worry about. I can still remember her face when she would see me playing– shudder, pale a little and then go back into the house. And it’s only recently that I had the courage to ask mum about it and she said she did find it weird to see the ball stop in mid air with no one there but I was obviously happy and so left me to it!

In my twenties by mistake!! Lisa a manager at work introduced me to a medium Peter Temperton and finally the penny dropped. I sat in his circle and under his gentle guidance learnt that my inner voice was a guide and there was structured development of my mediumship skills.

I was suffering with panic attacks and it was at this time another friend Linda introduced me to Krista Pearce who in 2011 documented my early spiritual development in her book Inside Out (available on Kindle).

Spirit started sending me more and more people for readings and they were returning for updates. But I felt I was not doing the best work I could and I had to do more learning. My wonderful guides lead me to Karen Platt who taught me Tarot and encouraged me to really tune into my intuition as well as showing me how to do ‘proper’ structured readings. Karen become one of my best friends and was a wonderful mentor. She broke my heart when she returned to spirit.

I must have been the only medium in the world who was scared of seeing spirit. Margie Brookes came into my life and absolutely took the fear away. She also taught me Healing and helped me to create a strong link with spirit which took all fears away. There then followed the saddest time of my life when, a few months after Karen, she too returned to spirit.
Almost as soon as they passed they joined forces in spirit and organised a committee for my development. I was made aware of this in my own meditations but full of grief I refused to listen. There then followed a flurry of messages from mediums who just felt compelled to give me a message all of which confirmed this.

Immediately the most gifted amazing & talented teachers and mentors came into my life- the type of knowledge I had only dreamt off was now made available to me. Sue Allen who founded the fantastic School of Intuition and Healing is so very knowledgeable and wise she makes me think of Dumbledore from Harry Potter. Donna Stewart who has to be the most gifted teacher of Mediumship that there can be. Magical Doug Buckingham who is one of the most wonderful human beings I know – he taught me Reiki, Hypnotherapy and so much more. His most important lessons has been to trust and to allow the universe to flow as it must. Other teachers such as Alan Bridges the most fantastic psychic, Midge my Aura Soma teacher who is also an absolute genius with Astrology and other wisdoms. I would also like to mention Sarah Tyler Walters a teacher of Trance Mediumship, Verona who started the West Croydon Spiritual Church, Ian Sinclair, Lorraine Simpson, Ted Capstick, Adam Smith, Roger Hanson and Peter Kavanagh.

I am like the proverbial child in the candy store I am continuing to learn the most amazing ways of providing wisdom and healings – Aura Soma, Soul Plan Readings, Chakra Balance Healings, Spirit Release, Medical Intuition, Energy Clearance, Medical Intuition and so much more.

Previously, I had done some counselling training and also trained with the Samaritans so now I am undergoing further counselling training. I have learnt and continue to learn various kinds of massage including Ayurvedic Massage as well as other types of healings.

Sprit have also encouraged me to pass on some of the knowledge I have learnt so I now hold development circles, teach Tarot, mediumship and a lot of the other wisdoms.

It is very important for me to empower and heal people with my readings. I also always promise to tell you what I see – I may be wrong but I am always honest.



Raj can help tune into the nuggets of gold held within every situation…
A reading can provide the answers to the questions, just ask the questions! Karen E Frost

A reading helps broaden perspective, offers food for reflection and provides inspirational proof of meaning in life.
Karen Bashford

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